Maryna Syrovatka is a Ukrainian photographic artist currently based in Slovakia. Her body of work includes portraits, nudes, documentary and imaginary stories.

Maryna is a self-taught artist. She learned basics of analogue filming and dark room processing from her parents and that feeling of magic stays imprinted as the best childhood memories.

Her photographic narrative is an intuitively feminine, discreet and slightly surreal perception of the person or a subject-matter. Through her lens we can see a wide range of people including actors, dancers, models, photographers, housewives, entrepreneurs, students, teenagers whom she delicately immerses into her own poetic reflections.

Her diverse educational and career background inevitably influences her choice of topics and approach to the projects.

Awards and recognition

Maryna Syrovatka received Silver Prize in Budapest International Photo Awards Competition 2021 among professional photographers. Her several projects also earned honorable mention within International Photography Award in 2019 and 2021.

Maryna’s award-winning documentary project “Closed Workspaces: Facing the Unknown” was exhibited in different cities of Slovakia throughout 2021.

Maryna’s multiple works appear on the platform PhotoVogue.