About Maryna Syrovatka

Maryna Syrovatka is a portrait photographer born in Ukraine and living in Bratislava (Slovakia).

Maryna is a self-taught artist. In childhood, she learned basics of analogue filming and dark room processing from her parents. Since that, photography became her long-life hobby. Masterclasses and workshops from top photographers, distant University courses, love for art and cinematography shaped her style and skills. About ten years ago she gave up her corporate career completely and started full-time photographic journey.

Her works appear on such platforms as PhotoVogue and IconicArtist Magazine, several her projects won Honorable mention in International Photography Award – 2019.

Maryna devotes large part of her time to personal projects and is open for cooperation on various social topics.

She is also available for commerical photoshoots; individual approach is guaranteed. Please visit Services page for more detailed description of the process.

Shooting locations: Slovakia, Ukraine, Austria or Czech Republic. Since Maryna is on travel quite frequently, it is also possible to arrange for a photoshoot in other countries of the world.

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Why Unboxed Photography?

Portrait is about unboxing the part of you that you agree to share: your emotion, your thought, your story. Would you expose to the backbone as you feel it? Or, would you play the role? Or, would you sculpture an image of yours for the others? Or, would you trust photographer’s eyes? All options are valid. There are no common people. Everyone is unique and there are one thousand ways to unbox, highlight, colorgrade the shades your personality.